Not sure what to sell online? Here are 44 great ideas!

A key part of business is picking the right product at the right price: Only then will you be able to sell it to your customers at a profit. With millions of products online, selecting which products you want to sell can be quite a bewildering affair. If you can, it is best to choose products that won’t quickly go out of fashion, that are inexpensive to deliver, and that you can re-sell with a hefty markup. We have picked out 44 great ideas from SaleHoo to get you started in online selling.

  1. Baby Clothing

    Every parent and grandparent wants to buy their new arrival baby-grows, booties and other cute outfits. Babies grow out of their clothing fast, so make sure you have got plenty of sizes in stock, and source a variety of gender-neutral colours and styles for newborns so customers can shop confidently even before baby arrives.
  1. Printer Cartridges

    Bought at retail prices, printer ink must be one of the most expensive liquids on earth. You can make a healthy profit, and still pass on a saving to your customers, by buying branded and generic ink cartridges in bulk. Pick cartridges that are compatible with a wide range of printer models to maximise your potential customer base.
  1. Kitchen Knives

    Kitchen-KnivesAs an online retailer you can hold a far wider selection of stock than a high street store. Source high-priced kitchen goods that can be cheaply and easily packaged: stainless steel chef’s knives are an ideal option.
  1. Kids’ Fancy Dress Costumes

    Kids-Fancy-Dress-CostumesFew parents have time to make a fancy dress costume from scratch. Capitalise on this by stocking a range of costumes, themed for different holidays and events, and promote them heavily in the run-up to Halloween, Christmas, etc.
  1. Plant Pots

    Plant-PotsDon’t overlook the boring products! Plastic plant pots are stackable and light to package, yet sold individually can earn you a good markup.
  1. Air Fresheners

    Air-FreshenersEveryone’s car and house smells now and then, so take advantage of the need for affordable air fresheners. Pick odour-neutralising sprays and gels rather than those that are heavily scented so that your business isn’t affected by people’s personal fragrance preferences.
  1. Light Bulbs

    Light-BulbsEvery single light fitting seems to demand a different bulb, and you can never find the bulb you need in a store. Stock a wide selection online and you’ll ensure you’re the first point of call whenever a light bulb blows.
  1. Baking Trays

    Baking trays pack flat, so you can store and deliver them cost-effectively. Every oven needs a tray, they have to be replaced when the non-stick coating is scratched, and there is no particular product style, so they can’t go out of fashion.
  1. Notebooks

    Paper is cheap as chips to produce, but somehow between the factory and the shop floor, notebooks and other stationery items explode in price. Make sure you are in on the act, and run ‘back to school’ promotions to shift your stock before the new school year begins.
  1. Paper Napkins

    Whether it is for parties or for picnics, or simply mopping up a mess, paper napkins are always in demand. Stock a mixture of seasonal and plain-coloured products to ensure you have something suitable for every occasion.
  1. Ski Socks

    Ski socks are the ultimate anti-fashion item: the gaudier the colour and more hideous the pattern, the better they seem to sell. Time your order carefully to buy wholesale ski socks in the spring, when suppliers are dumping stock, then hold them until the ski season begins.
  1. Artist Materials

    Arts and crafts items are perennially popular, and brushes, palettes, paints and inks are always in high demand. Select mid- to high-quality brands that customers will recognise, and ensure you have a wide range of items for them to choose from.
  1. Sports Bottles

    Whether it’s for the gym, a picnic, in the car, or to go with a kid’s packed lunch, everyone needs a drinks bottle. They frequently get lost, start to leak, split or develop a bit of an odor, so you’ll have a constant stream of customers wanting to buy this product.
  1. Memory Cards

    Camera cards are exceptionally high-ticket items given their production costs and size. You can order a large number from your wholesaler cheaply, and post them individually to customers in ordinary envelopes, maximising your return.
  1. Knitting Wool

    As with artists, knitters will pay a premium to get what they need. Few local stores now stock a range of wool, so online retailers can do well selling wool, needles and patterns to keen knitters around the world.
  1. Swimming Goggles

    Any kind of sports accessory does well online, but you should avoid the high-ticket electronic items, as these will quickly be replaced by newer models. Stick with something simple like swimming goggles, swimming hats, or snorkels.
  1. Party Decorations

    Everyone loves a party, whatever the occasion, and that means there is always a demand for party decorations. Most decorations are designed to be disposable, so your customers will be back again and again, for birthdays, Christmas parties, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  1. Mascara

    The fashionable colours of lipstick and eye-shadow change with each season, but mascara is (almost) always black. Pick high-quality, well-known brands so your products will be familiar to customers and safe for use near eyes and sensitive skin.
  1. Weed Killer

    There’s a huge markup on weed killer and other garden chemicals, so if your customers are keen on gardening, this is a worthwhile market to explore. Make sure that any chemicals you import are legal for use in the UK.
  1. Nail Polish

    A rainbow selection of nail polishes is cheap and easy to import, and it is a photogenic product to market. Anticipate the coming season’s hottest colours, but remember to keep basic reds and pinks in stock too.
  1. Vitamin Supplements

    Health supplements, and especially vitamins, sell well online as customers can browse online reviews from other users, then buy the product for a competitive price. Make sure that the products you choose are genuine and approved for sale in the UK.
  1. Car Bulbs

    Generic car bulbs, especially for head lamps and brake lights, are very cheap when purchased wholesale but command a hefty retail markup. They need to be transported carefully to avoid damage, so factor this into your costs.
  1. Pet Food

    Pet food is not expensive but bulky and heavy, so customers prefer to order it online rather than have to drag tins and bags back from the supermarket. Choose recognised brands to keep your customers (and their pets) happy.
  1. Quit-Smoking Aids

    From nicotine gum and patches to e-cigarettes, the market for aids to help people give up smoking is huge. Keep your eye out for the next big thing, or keep things simple and offer tried-and-tested products at a competitive price.
  1. Tiles

    Kitchen tiles, floor tiles and patio tiles all need to be delivered from a warehouse, and online retailers have a price edge over their high street counterparts. If you don’t have space to store your stock, consider dropshipping options.
  1. Garden Lighting

    Solar-powered LED garden lighting and similar systems are nearly all manufactured in China, so cut out the middlemen and make money by buying your stock direct.
  1. White Emulsion Paint

    House paint colours go in and out of fashion, but white is always white, and no one wants a pink ceiling. Consider stocking white gloss, sandpaper and dust sheets, too.
  1. Hair Dye

    There is a strong market for cosmetics and hair products, especially branded items. Choose good-quality products that have been properly tested to ensure they’re safe to use on delicate skin and will not damage hair.
  1. Carpet Underlay

    Carpet colours and patterns go in and out of fashion, but products such as underlay and gripper are constantly in demand and you can negotiate excellent rates for wholesale purchases.
  1. Disposable Nappies

    Babies get through vast quantities of nappies, and their bulk means that high street retailers have to charge a serious markup to justify their space on the shelves. Online retailers can substantially undercut the high street on cost, keeping parents happy.
  1. Paint Brushes and Rollers

    DIY products are an easy sale online. Per-unit prices are low, they are easy to deliver, and there is a constant stream of customers renovating their houses or simply touching up the paintwork.
  1. Headphones

    You can’t compete with record companies on music sales, but you can piggyback on the music industry by selling headphones and other accessories. Keep abreast of market trends to ensure you have the latest and greatest products to sell.
  1. Car Batteries

    Car batteries aren’t complicated, but boy do they cost a fortune if you have to get one from your garage. Pick a recognised brand and standard sizes to maximise your pool of potential customers, and be sure to factor in delivery costs.
  1. Pet Accessories

    Wholesale leads, collars, coats and toys are cheap to buy, but customers will pay a pretty sum to keep their favourite pooch (or cat) looking chic and enjoying themselves. Make sure the items are of good quality so that pets and children won’t hurt themselves on broken parts.
  1. Watch Batteries

    Even a shipment the size of a shoe box can contain 1,000 watch batteries, so if you are looking for something small with a tiny unit price, this may well be the product for you.
  1. Hubcaps

    Few things are more infuriating than losing a hubcap, and you can become a motorist’s knight in shining armour by supplying replacement parts. Be prepared to stock a wide range of products, and to sell individual hubcaps as well as sets of four.
  1. Disposable Razors

    There is a never-ending demand for disposable razors, and by buying them in bulk and selling them on to consumers, you can earn a healthy profit. Stick to the best-known brands (everyone has their favourite), and stock razors for both men and women.
  1. Sunscreen

    Order your wholesale stock of sunscreen in the winter, and hold it for the summer months when customers are ready to buy. Remember SPF 30 is best for children.
  1. Masking Tape

    Don’t overlook basic products such as masking tape, Cellotape and string. Everyone uses them on a regular basis, and selling online you can price these items very competitively. They never go out of style or date, so you can buy large quantities and hold them until they all sell.
  1. Cardboard Boxes

    Whether people are moving house or storing stuff in the garage, they need storage boxes. Small quantities of boxes command a substantial premium, but you can order them in bulk cheaply and store them flat in your warehouse.
  1. Geometry Sets

    Geometry sets, pencil cases and other ‘back to school’ items are always in demand. You can sell such stationery items individually, or package them yourself to add value and differentiate your offering from that of other online retailers.
  1. LED Torches

    LED bulbs last substantially longer than their conventional counterparts, and so are ideal for torches. Market these products for camping and other outdoor activities, as well as to keep in the car or house for emergencies.
  1. Scrapbooking Papers

    Coloured and patterned papers for scrapbooking sell well to avid crafters and command retail prices well above the wholesale paper prices. You can buy pre-mixed packs, or increase your profit margin by purchasing individual colours and patterns and mixing and then re-packaging them for sale.
  1. Storage Jars

    Glass jars and metal storage canisters have a multiplicity of different uses around the home and workplace. Customers normally only buy a couple at a time, but by buying wholesale from China you can negotiate favourable per unit prices, making an attractive profit when you re-sell.

Have you found your inspiration yet? All of these products, and plenty more, can be sourced through SaleHoo‘s verified suppliers. You’ll also find other resources to help you along the way. Start browsing today and accelerate your online selling journey.